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Party on a budget

Hey ladies! We had our Little Black Dress Party last Friday (May 31) and it was a huge success! Everyone wore their favorite black dress and showed up with a bottle of wine to contribute to the festivities! Since this was to be our last DonnaMeet until our big anniversary weekend in July (woop woop) I wanted to make it an event to remember. Generally, the host of DonnaMeets just clears an area for us to sit and lets us in. Since we were all going to have dresses on, I figured I'd liven the place up a bit. Here's how I did it!

Party on a budget

Rule 1
Streamers are your very best friend!
You can do all kinds of things with streamers! Hang them on the wall, from the ceiling, or in front of a window. Make your streamers work for you! Here I made a photo wall so each lovely Donna could pose and take a picture with their fabulous dress on. And let's face it, We love to take pictures lol! But there are countless ways to do streamers. You can hang individual colors or double them up like I did for the photo wall! First pick out your party colors, then head to Dollar Tree and buy them! You get 2 in a pack! Then play around with them!

Rule 2
DIY might not always be inexpensive

Now don't get me wrong. I love DIY projects! Some of the things I did for the party were DIY. But unless you have the supplies on hand, DIY can get rather expensive. I wanted a banner for the photo wall and originally was going to try and make one. I was going to need some heavy duty stock paper (because I wanted the banner to last past the event), stickers (my handwriting isn't the best lol), and time. Now with the 2 other projects I was already working on, along with decorating my apartment, time was limited. Stock paper can be expensive especially if you're only wanting certain colors. So I went into Party City and found this banner maker for only $8. And get this, I can use it again & again! As long as I keep it in good condition, that $8 is money well spent. I'm probably going to get it laminated for durability :-) 

Rule 3
No Helium? No problem!
What's a party without a few balloons right? My only problem with balloons is the price it costs to get them blown up. I went to my local grocery store to price how much it would be and they were going to charge $1.79 per balloon for helium plus the price of the balloon. I said forget that and headed back over to Dollar Tree! I got a pack of 20 white balloons with the intention of hanging a few from the ceiling. Once I got home, I realized white balloons might not look as good as black balloons so I ended up at party city. I found these pretty black damask balloons for $6 (20 in a pack.) I felt it was worth it since everything else was relatively a dollar. Plus I had extra to do other things with! I blew them up with my self made air (haha) and hung a few from the ceiling with white ribbon (also from dollar tree...see a trend?) I called them my chandeliers lol! I did end up getting 5 star balloons blown up with helium for my table but guess where they came from....DOLLAR TREE! So that was just five bucks! 

Rule 4
Don't feel bad for being cheap!

By this time, I had gone to dollar tree several times. I started to feel sort of bad for being so cheap. I thought to myself, "would it really be that bad if I went out and bought an actual cloth tablecloth?" The pros to that would be of course you can use it again. But since this was a wine event and my table wasn't a main attraction, I decided who will really care? You can make the cheapest thing in the world look fabulous if you add the right touches. Now this picture on the left is an after photo. We demolished everything so this isn't the best representation (blame it on the alcohol lol)  But I set my table up quite nicely. The balloons were in the center of wine glasses which had name tags on each. The food & fruit trays were displayed very pretty along side the black paper plates. I also sprung for a $1 napkin holder to place the napkins in. I already had a white ikea table ($7 if interested :) so I put the bucket of ice on it and put it beside the table. And voila! It made an excellent hors d'oeuvres & wine table.

Rule 5
Be Creative!

Have fun with your party! After all, that's what it's for! Be creative and think outside of the box for your soiree. Since it was a little black dress party, I printed out some dress silhouettes. I then cut them into circles and taped them to some of the streamers. I also hung a few from the ceiling with the streamers. 

We played games on teams as well. I wanted a creative way to pick teams so I came up with the "Which Style Are You" board. I printed out the Audrey & Marilyn pictures on regular paper, then cut them out, and taped them onto some leftover name tags I had. Donnas picked which classic actress' style they related to most and we ended up with an even split! 4 Audrey Hepburns & 4 Marilyn Monroe

I hope this post gave you some ideas on how to party fabulously on a budget! Please leave comments and tips of your own! We'd love to get more fab ideas! Enjoy some of the pics from our LBD party!

Photo Wall collage
Photo Wall collage
Team Marilyn!
Team Marilyn!
Team Audrey!
Team Audrey!
Hors d'oeuvres & Wine Table
Hors d'oeuvres & Wine Table
Group picture
Group picture
Wine Tags
Wine Tags
It's very blurry but these worked out great! A nice personalized touch and you can make these yourself!

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Dechtire Carroll on Wednesday, December 11, 2013 10:50 AM
A party is incomplete without birthday balloons. A celebration that has balloons becomes full of fun and entertainment. It impresses your guests and changes the complete decor of the room. When it was the 21st birthday party of my sister we were planning for a surprise party and it was a big task for us as it was a secret that party will be organized. We called all her friends and decorate the entire room and hall with balloons. I had gifted a collage of photographs to her but that was not as big as you have in the picture above. She liked the party.
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strona on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 5:32 AM
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strona internetowa on Saturday, March 21, 2015 10:50 PM
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