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Girls Trip Survival Kits!
Girl Code Party: Inexpensive Party Themes
Life of Nanny: Frugal Rainy Day Activities
Recruiting Season Has Begun!
PennyDonna Life: Weekend Trips


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Girls Trip Survival Kits!

Hello all! The PennyDonnas celebrated their 2nd anniversary with a trip to beautiful Savannah Georgia! We had so much fun and really enjoyed our time there. This post, however, will be about the survival kit that was given to each member on the first night there! 

These little kits were easy to assemble and worked out great! All items were either bought at Dollar Tree or Target (on the $1 rack) 

Items in bag: 
* tylenol packet
* hand sanitizer
* lotion
* mini altoids
* emergen-c drink packet

Girl Code Party: Inexpensive Party Themes

Girl Code Party. Girls Night! Fun and frugal.
We have held many different events at several Donna Members' homes and we ALWAYS have a good time. One of our latest events was another themed night in: Girl Code. Many members were familiar with the show and were excited to participate in our own variation of it. If you've never seen Girl Code on MTVclick here. It's about women speaking on women issues and having a few laughs at the beautiful thing we call womanhood. 

Girl Code party topics. Printed on notecardsI looked up several topics that were discussed on the actual show and added a few of my own topics.

Life of Nanny: Frugal Rainy Day Activities

I'm a nanny and from time to time I am challenged with entertaining kids without overloading them with tv or kindle games. Recently I had the task of making a 9 hour shift pass by indoors on a rainy day with an 8 year old. I panicked at first but my pennydonna senses kicked in & I was able to come up with some fun activities that were cheap to do! 

Crafts: FREE
Depending on how old the child is, choosing a good craft can give you at least a 30 minute activity. I know boys generally aren't the crafty kind but if you make it fun, I believe all kids can enjoy themselves with this.

Recruiting Season Has Begun!

The PennyDonnas are back and ready to meet new faces! We are a group of 11 now and we're hoping to recruit no more than 9 additional ladies. We want to keep the group a certain size until we're able to use bigger venues. We're still pretty excited to add more lovely Donnas and get to know more people.

We're also very excited about starting up branches in Charlotte NC & Columbia SC. We can see it now...Donna Conventions! We've added some new PD policies and the registration process has an additional step to become members. Perseverance and patience have gotten us here and we couldn't be happier! Here's to another great year of frugal fun!

PennyDonna Life: Weekend Trips

Hello all! We just had our first year anniversary as a social group! We took our first weekend trip to celebrate in  Charlotte NC. It was our first trip together so we wanted to keep it simple and of course, do it all on a budget!
  • Here's one tip I will start off with. It's great to have a schedule in mind just so there won't be a lot of down time trying to figure out what everyone wants to do. BUT, don't feel constricted to the schedule as things happen. It's just nice to have a game plan going in.

Happy Annniversary PennyDonnas

It's been 1 year of having frugal fun with the PennyDonnas! What's a birthday without presents?? Introducing the new look of the PennyDonnas!

PennyDonnas Anniversary!

We are in a countdown to celebrating our first year as PennyDonnas. We could not be more excited. We will be traveling to Charlotte NC for a weekend of fun. We plan on singing Karaoke, having a BBQ, playing laser tag, and exploring uptown Charlotte!

We decided for our first overnight trip we'd do it small. Charlotte is only an hour and half away from us and a few of the members have family there. So there's familiarity and a comfort level. Next week the blog will be all about our trip! Tips on planning and executing group outings and of course pictures!

Dress For Less!

Hey Ladies! This is a follow up post to our "Budget Your Pretty" post. Some members have sent in pictures of them in budget friendly outfits to show you gals how Donnas do it!

DonnaMember Shika

Her look consists of:
  •  $7 top from It's Fashion
  • $20 heels from It's Fashion
  • FREE leggings (hand-me-downs)

DonnaMember Arielle 

Her look consists of:
  • $13 Dress from Marshall's
  • $14 Shoes from Forever 21
  • $4 Earrings from Forever 21

DonnaMember Aspen

Her look consists of:
  • $20 dress from Marshall's

Mommy's Corner: Frugal Family Meals

Hey! My name is Jessica! I'm a PennyDonna and a married mother of four children. Feeding my family on a budget is a must! But our meals don’t have to be boring or unappetizing!  In this post I will share with you a meal that my family loves.

Breaded Chicken Alfredo is a dish that seems difficult and fancy if you’re making it from scratch, but it isn’t! I start by making my list. You are going to need:

3 Chicken Breasts
1 Pint of Heavy Whipping Cream
1 Cup of Italian Bread Crumbs
2 tbsp of butter
1/4 cup of milk

Budget Your Pretty!

Hey hey ladies! This is post is all about living the PennyDonna Life and knowing how to look great on a budget! I have come up with 5 basic steps to manage your look without breaking the bank. Join me on this journey!

Step 1:Inspect Your Inventory
Take yourself into your closet and see what you already have! You may not need as much as you think to put together a new outfit. Be sure to look for your basics that you can possibly spruce up with a statement piece. Camis, t shirts, & jeans are simple but when you go out and buy a new blazer and a pair of shoes on sale, you've added pizazz!
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