We host open events periodically for ladies who are interested in learning more about the PennyDonnas. No pressure to join but we do ask that you participate in the theme that is scheduled. Contact us for additional details at pennydonnas@gmail.com

Saturday March 14 2015 8pm
Themed Night Out: Video Vixen
Little Black Dress Party
This will be the PennyDonnas 3rd annual Video Vixen night and this time you're invited! We'll be at a local bar recording our own music video for our YouTube page. Come dressed in your LBD and come dance the night away! For more information and a formal invite, please select the tab on the left labeled LBD Invite

Saturday May 16 2015 12pm
Escapade: Pitch Perfect/Museum in Charlotte
PennyDonnas in Purple to see Pitch Perfect 2 in Charlotte! Who can put together the cutest purple outfit? If you're looking to get away from the triad for a day then come along on this ride to Charlotte!

Pitch Perfect is gonna be a perfect PennyDonna movie as it is guaranteed to be funny, have some singing, and is centrally focused on a girl group of singers! But before heading over to catch the flick, we'll be visiting the Mint Museum to view some art. See you at Studio Movie Grill in the Epicentre in Charlotte. We can have dinner afterwards or during (as we can order food in the theatre) and possibly catch some live music. It'll be a nice outing & a great short getaway from the triad! If interested, please send an email to pennydonnas@gmail.com

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