Couples Night Out
Game Night w/a Twist!
August 28 2015
Greensboro NC 

The PennyDonnas want YOU & your significant other to come out and play some games with us! Ages 24-38 please

Periodically we hold open events to allow non members to experience our DonnaMeets first hand so they can learn more about the social group. It also allows us to meet some new gal pals for the night. 

This evening is a special one as it is our first time ever hosting a co ed event with non members!  

This event is great for those wanting an inexpensive, couples only night out. We've reserved a private room at a local bar so it'd just be our group having fun. There'll be 2 pool tables, 4 dart boards, and a ping pong table at our disposal as well. We will have some snacks available as well as drink specials at the bar. 

Essentially, this is a play date for couples who want to get out and have fun with other couples all while keeping it sexy with their significant other.

Drinks & Appetizers 8:30-9:30pm
Couples Games 9:30-11:30pm
Galactic Bowling & Laser Tag 11:30-2am

  We will play some classic games (Taboo, Guesstures, Jenga etc), 
a few new games, and have a lively ADULT discussion! 

As the games begin, it will be the women vs. the men and the fun twist is, we are placing...shall we say... sensual bets. That’s right! Bets will start off innocent enough but will end with some daring kinks! But don’t worry…all team bets are pretty chaste but come prepared to have something you want to play for and hopefully you’ll be the big winner at the end of the night!

After we’ve laughed and played our games, we’ll then head to a local bowling alley, our final destination for the evening.  We’ll bowl a game or two and also play a round of laser tag. Hopefully you’ll still be in a competitive mood because we’ll still be placing bets! At the end of the night, you hopefully will have made a few friends, had a lot of fun, and be ready for the private play date at home ;)

If you're new to the area, looking for new friends, or just craving a fun couples night out without the crowds , then grab your lover and come on out! 

All we ask is for everyone to prepay via PaypPal $12 (per couple) to pay for the private room rental. Bowling prices vary depending on which package you choose. 

Initially we are looking for 9 couples. Could be more or could be less. If we get more than 9 couples, you will be refunded the difference for room rental! The more people we have, the cheaper it will be! And that ladies and gentlemen is what we call the PennyDonna Effect! 

If you would like to receive a personal invite with all details including location and pre-party details  fill out the form below. 

Couples Night Out Registration Form
Names: (ex. Katie & John)
Relationship Status
Email Address: (Please check to be sure email address is correct)
City you live in
Please select all that apply: As a couple, we are comfortable with:
Meeting other couples
Discussing sexual topics in a group setting
Participating in team bets
Competing against your significant other
All couples must pay $12 for the room rental. Are you be able to prepay $12 via PayPal by August 21 2015?
If you were referred by a Donna Member, please type their name below!

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