About Us

We are an all women social group based in the Piedmont Triad area in NC. The purpose for this group is for ladies ages 21-35 to make new friends and have a great time together. You can say this is a female empowerment group as we will have some nights where we’re bashing the opposite sex. You can also call it a compassionate group as we plan events where we’re volunteering for some important cause. But what it all boils down to is this: Girls just wanna have fun and dang nabit  that’s what we’re gonna do!

This group is also for the thrifty gal who knows how to stretch a penny. With this group, we all pitch in for the activity and have fun! “If you have a little…Donnas have a lot!”

PennyDonnas meet twice a month for themed nights of frivolity.  Everyone will know what to bring or what they’re contributing at least 1 week in advance. Every 4th meeting will be a PennyDonna Escapade where we have a field trip! (Remember those?) Escapades will be more money, BUT still on the cheap side.

“Nights In” meetings will take place in different member’s houses/apartments.  It rotates from member to member so no one feels like it’s always on them to host. And even when you’re hosting, you don’t need to do a lot. Have a space big enough to accommodate members with some type of seating, be sure you’re able to keep boyfriends, husbands, kids away on your hosting night for 3-5 hours, and let us in! Everyone chips in with food, drinks, and whatever item is needed for that night.

Chipping In
The way this works is simple. If we’re having Game Night, everyone bring a game if you have one. If all you have is a deck of cards, bring it. Also, everyone bring a snack of your choice. Whether it be a couple of bags of chips or a vegetable tray that was on sale at Harris Teeter. Everyone contributes.On an “Alcohol” night, either bring a bottle of something or we’ll all get together, put $10 a piece together and go to the store TOGETHER to get the alcohol. If there is some left in the bottle by nights end, take it back with you, if you’re not scared to do so lol.

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PennyDonnas Information
If you're a young lady between the ages of 21 and 35, live in the Piedmont Triad Area, and are looking for friends who share a love of penny saving, you should consider becoming a member of this socia...

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