PennyDonnas Founder
Aspen Hafer is a 29 year old woman originally from South Carolina. She moved to the Piedmont Triad area in 2011 for work and family purposes.She works as a full time nanny while pursuing her degree in event planning.  Music, literature, and movies are her favorite hobbies and she has a talent for planning events and gatherings.

When she arrived in Winston Salem (April 2011), she fell in love with the area but wished she could meet more ladies. Her only friend in the area just happened to be her best friend, Ms. Arielle Allen. 

The two would get together with a bottle of wine, play some music, and just laugh and talk for hours. Easy, simple, and most importantly, inexpensive fun!  Aspen, at the time, was budgeting for a big event while Arielle was a full time graduate student. This is how the concept for the PennyDonnas was born.

Aspen founded the PennyDonnas in July 2011 with Arielle acting as co founder. As any start up group, they went through a trial and error period. The first year was a rocky one. The group received tons of interest from women all over the area, but no one showed up to events.

Aspen moved to Greensboro in early 2012 and decided to reboot the group that June. Since the relaunch of the group, it has spawned countless friendships and great girl's nights! Arielle had to step down as co founder due to the start of her thriving healthcare career but still remains a vital member! The official establishment date for the PennyDonnas is July 21 2012!

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